Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gillian Power, Runner. The last name says it all!

I'm happy to introduce you to the second half of Double Trouble Running, Gilly!  She's an Irish chick living and running in Perth, Australia.  She works for a large social media software company and I'm instantly a fan because a) She says she's addicted to running and b) She says we should all do more Bikram yoga.  (She did say that, I swear!)  Here's a pic of Gilly and her coach finishing her last marathon.  What an amazing photo! Those legs!! 

Over to you Gilly:

1.      I started running four years ago and it's become my passion!
2.      I run because I think I am addicted (but the positive kind) and I wear a pair of Nikes.
3.      The last run I did was a progression run yesterday morning and I ran 6 sets of 2km, dropping 10 second per km each set. It was really hard and wet because we dropped to a fast pace but a great feeling at the end!
4.      My current fave bit of kit is my club fleece – we train at 6am and the winters are cold in Australia. Who knew!
5.      I'm training for/eyeing up the Melbourne Marathon in October. My third one.
6.      Running made me feel alive when I was trying to find a new hobby and passion.
7.      I'm currently listening to Freakonomics podcasts when I run.  It makes me stay at a slower pace for recovery runs and I learn something.
8.      I participate in BT Run Club and it has helped me drop my marathon time from 4.02 to 3.36. They introduced me the wonderful world of intervals! 
9.      I started drinking protein shakes after my hardcore running sessions but I can’t tell if it’s working!
10.   I'm currently obsessed with strava and it's keeping my running addiction fresh and making me want to tell others about it. 
11.   I'm bringing bikram yoga to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  I've just discovered it and hopefully will aid with recovery.   
12.   I'm currently having issues with legs and am visiting my physio. It’s down to weak muscles so need more strength training - can anyone offer any tips? 
13.   Finally, here's my inspirational’s not really a quote, it’s what I say when it’s getting hard! 

You can find both Gilly and Ellie over on Double Trouble Running blog.  Gilly's twitter is GillyPerth.  Thanks ladies!

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