Friday, August 16, 2013

Charlotte Watson: Naked Runner

Our next We Do Run Runner is Charlie Watson.  She's part of the Women's Running Write this Run 10k team and has a soft spot for 13.1-milers.  In her non-running life she works for a magazine and doesn't like pickles. She wants to run a sub- 2 hour half marathon (we think she can definitely do this) and run the NY marathon (we think she can definitely do this also.)  Over to you, Charlie... you pickle-hater, you! 

1. I started running three years ago and it's kept me fit, allowed me to lose weight and make some awesome friends. And mostly stops me eating chocolate for breakfast.
2. I run because I love/hate it and I wear a pair of Brooks Ravennas or Asics.
3. The last run I did was last week and I ran my usual route - 3.5miles  It was awesome because I ran naked (aka without a watch) and just enjoyed it regardless of pace.
4. My current fave bit of kit is my garmin.
5. I'm training for the Ealing Half Marathon in Sept and eyeing up a full next year.
6. Running made me feel alive when I crossed the finish line of my first (and only) marathon. I felt invincible.  
7. I'm currently listening to Naughty Boy La La La when I run.  It makes me sing along out loud.
8. I participate in occasional Nike and Sweaty Betty Runs and it has helped me meet people and speed up - you can find more information here on my blog!
9. I started drinking Nuun hydration before and after runs and it's changed my need to complete every run with water. I would recommend it.  (Although you may need to pee 2-3times before the race!)
10. I'm currently obsessed with the FIRST training plan- (only running 3 days a week) and it's keeping my running addiction fresh and new/making me want to tell others about it. And wanting to push for a sub 2 hour half!
 11. I'm bringing speed sessions to this blog, and throwing them down on the table.  I've just discovered them and they're doing interesting things for me- getting faster whoop! 
12. I'm currently having issues with motivation and inflexibility. Can anyone offer any tips?
13. Finally, here's my inspirational quote. Now go, run!

You can find Charlie on twitter and over on her blog.  Also check out her 10k blog on the Womens Running website

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