Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elinor Butler: Runner, rapper, half the trouble double the smiles.

I'm excited to introduce you to Double Trouble Running - best pals who love running and talking about running (I know, good combo right?!)  Gilly works for a large social media software company, and Ellie works for a medium digital media software consultancy. Together they want to provide a view of running from two sides of the world! 

Today you get to meet Ellie, an Aussie running and living in Durham, UK. 

1. I started running 7 years ago and it’s helped me settle into my new town after moving to the UK from Australia.
2. I run because I am not coordinated enough for team sports, and I wear an old pair of Asics.
3. The last run I did was a trail run on Sunday and I ran 10k in Hamsterley Forest.  It was uncomfortable because there were midges everywhere and I now look like I have the measles.
4. My current fave bit of kit is my new running shorts because I feel like a dude in them.
5. I'm training for a Total Warrior in August – I think I’ve completely underestimated how tough it will be! I only entered cos I liked the title!
6. Running made me feel alive when I ran over the Millenium bridge during a lunch time run at work. It wasn’t the same as Sydney Harbour, but it was still fantastic.
7. I'm currently listening to Dizzee Rascal and Jay-Z when I run.  It helps me learn rap so I can look awesome at karaoke.
8. I participate in the Elvet Striders, a local club in Durham where I live, and it has helped me increase my mileage and enter races.
9. I started drinking/eating chocolate milk after long runs and it feels like an awesome treat and is apparently great for recovery. Definitely recommend it.
10. I'm currently obsessed with trail runs and it's keeping my running addiction fresh and new.
11. I'm bringing drills to this blog, and throwing them down on the table.  I've just discovered them and they’re making me aware of my own style and how to improve.
12. I'm currently having issues with my left hip flexor - can anyone offer any tips?
13. Finally, here's my inspirational quote.  It gets me going when I feel like the run is beating me and I want my revenge:

Stay tuned to meet the other half of Double Trouble, Gilly! She's a Brit, living in Oz. It's confusing right? Like they both swapped places.
Lovely to meet you ladies!!!

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