Friday, December 14, 2012

Alice Saunders: Runner, bag maker and shameless pop music subscriber

(The reason it took me so long to get this post online is I kept getting sidetracked by amazing  leather bags.  I'm warning you, this will happen.) 

It's a pleasure to introduce Alice from FORESTBOUND.  She's a Boston-based designer who makes beautiful bags from unique materials.  Over to you, Alice!

1.    I started running about 3.5 years ago and it's become such an integral part of my life. Not only does running help keep my fitness level at its peak, but it constantly challenges me to perform better and push myself, which I love so much.
2.    I run because I love the feeling of getting faster and stronger after putting in many of hours of hard work.  I wear a pair of New Balance 1400's which I love! Took me years to find the right shoe and I'm so thankful that I finally have!
3.    The last run I did was just a few days ago along one of my favorite routes close to my house - around two ponds, with a good amount of hills. It was somewhat tough mentally just because I'm still adjusting to both cold weather running and running in the dark now that the sun goes down so early in the winter!
4.    My current fave bit of kit is my new pair of New Balance 1400's that arrived yesterday. They come in so many great colors it's hard to chose just one!
5.    I'm training for/eyeing up a spring marathon. The specific race is yet to be determined, but I'm planning on something in early/mid May.
6.    Running made me feel alive on Thanksgiving morning when I ran a local 5k and placed third in my age division. And also a few months ago when I ran a half marathon with zero training whatsoever because the opportunity popped up a few days before the race. I'm definitely not recommending this to everyone .. but it was a great challenge and I finished in a respectable time (1:51).
7.    I'm currently listening to Ke$ha's new album when I run. I have no shame admitting that Top 40 pop music is my favorite to run to.
8.    I don't really participate in any local running groups or forums, but reading running blogs written by strong ladies helps to keep me motivated! Some of my favorites are..

9.    I drink lots of fresh juice and green smoothies to make sure my immune system is healthy. I do whatever I can to make sure I don't come down with a cold that will keep me from running. I also try to eat as much protein as possible since it plays such a big part in muscle recovery and I can definitely feel it in my legs when I'm lacking protein!
10.    I'm currently obsessed with the thought of running a spring marathon fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon (I'd have to run a 3:35) in 2014. It keeps me super motivated to incorporate lots of speed work and hills into my runs.
11.    I'm bringing yoga to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  I have insanely tight leg muscles that never seem to loosen up as much as I stretch and foam roll, so incorporating at least 2 yoga classes a week into my workout routine has made a HUGE difference for me. I'm constantly battling a knee injury related to my tight muscles, so stretching & yoga-ing as much as possible is always my top priority.
12.    I'm currently having issues with balancing work & running. Being self employed and working 10+ hour days can be tough when it comes to fitting in enough time for running and yoga. Especially now that it's winter and early morning runs are dark and cold and my bed is so warm, I'm struggling with fitting everything in during the day!  Can anyone offer any tips?
13.    Inspirational quote - ' You don't get better at running hills by walking them'

Check out the FORESTBOUND website.  You can also find Alice on twitter, and read about her marathon training on tumblr.  

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