Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jen Jahn: Runner, writer, and needer of training buddy

'Dear running, I love you. Yours sincerely, Jen' - She wrote it on her blog and it's clear to see she's not lying! Meet Jen, a run-aholic blogger with very clean feet and a lovely orange coat. 

Hi. I’m Jen and I write over at Two Itchy Feet. No, don’t worry; I don’t suffer from some fungal foot condition. On my blog I get to indulge in my love for writing and my passion for running and other sporty-attempts (like my first pathetic go at doing a duathlon), and top it all off with an inimitable (some would say insufferable) ability to go on and on and on about myself. I’m currently training for my fourth half marathon (Brighton) and third-ish attempt at running it in sub-2-hours.Oh, and a marathon-thingie in April.

When I'm not running or writing about running, I still run around chasing authors and academics to send me their writings (in a strictly professional manner!) but as I'll soon be relocating to the lovely south of England, who knows what kind of life and job will be in store for me. I might just become a beach bum or a surfer dudette (though I hear the channel is rather cold this time of year). And when I'm not running or working or blogging, I'm most likely sat in a corner reading a book or roaming the globe or stuffing my face. There, a simple life! 

1.    I started running almost three years ago and it's saved my sanity, saved my figure and probably saved my relationship, too (ok, maybe I’m a tad bit overdramatic here).
2.    I run because it really does keep me sane, fit and healthy and there’s just no better feeling than the feeling you get after a run, especially if you really didn’t want to head out into the cold/wet/dark in the first place.  I wear a pair of Brooks Glycerin that are in dire need of replacement if I want to survive my first marathon next April!!! If there’s any sponsors out there, help a poor gal out!
3.    The last run I did was a freezing cold running club session last night and I ran 8 x 200m sprints followed by a 200m relay (teams of three, four legs each) with my Sweaty Betty running club. It was one of the coldest running experiences of my entire friggin’ life (I’m not exaggerating for once), hypothermia, anyone????  
4.    My current fave bit of kit is definitely my Saucony high-viz running jacket. The only thing to keep me semi-warm and visible this time of year.
5.    I'm training for/eyeing up a sub-2-hour finish for the Brighton half marathon in February (fingers xed, I really want to smash those two hours, finally!) and then my first marathon: the Manchester one in April. Can you say scurrred….?!
6.    Running made me feel alive after I finally defrosted and recovered from my hypothermia last night following a 20-minute hot shower, lots of food and a glass of wine. What? I’d worked hard….
7.    I'm currently listening to nothing but nature when I run.  It makes me more aware of all the crazies roaming the streets in the cold and dark. And we all know: safety first, right?!
8.    I participate in the Sweaty Betty running club, which is totally free and friendly, at least the one here in Cambridge (though I’m leaving at the end of the year and am in dire need of a new running group down in Brighton/Hove, any suggestions?!) and it has helped me improve my running all around, I’ve gotten faster, more confident and it’s a great social way of running and making new friends. As far as I know most Sweaty Betty boutiques organize free running clubs, though I’m sure they are as good as Alan’s! ;)
9.    I started drinking chocolate-banana-peanut-butter milkshakes as my recovery drink. I love it and totally recommend it. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is having a big fat burger half an hour before setting off for a run… never a good idea!
10.    I'm currently obsessed with Blogilates workouts. It’s short Pilates workouts that you can put together as you like, make it long, make it tough, or just throw in a quick 10-minute workout and it's keeping my running addiction fresh and new/making me want to tell others about it. What better way to supplement you running or stay active on a no-running day?! Try it. You’ll love it.
11.    I'm bringing ice baths after a 10+ mile run to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  I've just discovered it and it's totally working. Yes, a seriously unpleasant experience, but it does the trick. Hand on my heart. I don’t even bother with ice but just fill the bath with cold water from the tap. Sit in it for 5 minutes, your legs will thank you the next day!!!
12.    I'm currently having issues with…me, issues? Seriously? NEVER. Then again, if you headed over to Two Itchy Feet right now you’d know I was lying and I do, indeed, have issues with my tibialis anterior and also with the fact that I’m moving down south and I’ll have not a single running bud to train with…. (let the pity party commence).
13.    Finally, here's my inspirational quote.  It gets me going.  Now go, run!

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