Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rhianon West: She Runs with her Mum

I've got a lovely lady for you today.  She's accomplished something we all wish we could do: gotten her own mum into running marathons.  Can we say run-buddy envy??? Rhianon is always brimming with enthusiasm and kindness on twitter; I wonder if I was more like her, whether my mom would come running with me too? 
Over to you mate!

1. I started running  10 years ago, just as I started University as a way to counteract all the booze and cake! Initially it was all about plodding away endlessly on the treadmill but I soon discovered that running outside was far more enjoyable! There's always runs that go badly or ones where you have to drag yourself out the door but you never regret going for a run afterwards.

2.  I run because it keeps my head in check. Without it I sometimes feel like the whole world would topple in on me. It helps keep me on the straight and narrow and I wear a pair of AsicsGel-Kayano 19s. Just got some new neon red ones. Hopefully they'll brighten up those dark morning runs!

3. The last run I did was this morning and I ran 8.5 miles into work. It so so nice to have daylight on my morning runs again and there's loads of daffodils in Hyde Park at the moment making it extra pretty. Epic run overall!

4. My current fave bit of kit is my Garmin 405, called Gary. I love him like a brother from another mother and never go on a run without that little chap.

5. I'm training for the
Tow Path 10 race at the end of April. After having to drop out of my spring marathon due to a back injury I'm using this race to help ease slowly back into running.

6. Running made me feel alive when I crossed the finish line at the Berlin Marathon a few years ago. It was my first marathon and the finish under the Brandenburg Gate was a high point in life so far for sure. I cried my eyes out after finishing. This was quickly replaced by devouring a VERY LARGE bag of ready salted crisps.  

7. I'm currently listening to some shamelessly cheesy "mash-up" remixes when I run.  I always listen to music when I run as it helps me keep my rhythm.

8. I participate in interval sessions with my local club, Ealing Eagles when I can but I generally much prefer running on my own, with my thoughts, but whenever I am at home visiting my parents I'll always get out for a run with them around the countryside lanes in Gloucestershire. A very welcome change from city running.

9. I started drinking 
Nuun before and after running after being recommended it by the lovely running folk on Twitter. I was suffering from terrible post-run headaches and Nuun has single-handedly stopped them. I'm hooked! Strawberry Lemonade is by FAR the best flavour, and I can also vouch that it helps knock a hangover on the head very efficiently too! 

10. I'm currently obsessed with strength training/core work/anything at all that makes my back stronger and me stop getting injured.

11. I'm bringing my mum to this blog, and throwing her down on the table (not literally!).  She got into running a few years back after lots of encouragement from me and is now hooked. She ran her first marathon, the Chicago Marathon, last October with a storming 4.21 debut.  My mum is a total trooper on the long runs and attacks a hill far more aggressively than me!

12. I'm currently having issues with my lower back- can anyone offer any good core work tips?

13. Finally, here's my inspirational quote.  This little saying gets me through those times when your legs feel like lead weights, your lungs are burning and that hills seems just TOO steep to run up.

Find Rhianon on instagram and twitter and failing that you can probably find her on a 12 mile run with her dearest companion.  Happy running, ladies!

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  1. Great interview, I'm totally with you on the strawberry lemonade Nuun. But I'm partial to the citrussy ones too :). Can I recommend pilates for your back but make sure the teacher knows about it and if they don't give you modifications the first class then go somewhere else! Wow go Mummy West, she's speedy! As Nicola says - serious run bud envy!