Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Leah Naturally: Runner and shiny medal hoarder

The first post of 2014 is a good one guys. And not just because she's grabbing January by the balls and following the whole30 program. Meet Leah! She's a 28 year old expat Kiwi with a really inspiring journey.  Fitness has helped her battle some health issues and has taken her around the world to a great place.  By day she works for Nuffield Health gyms in their marketing department and in her free time she's a self-proclaimed 'bling-chaser.'   Thanks so much Leah for kicking our year off to a good start. Over to you! 

1. I started running 3 years ago years ago and it's helped me get and stay fit, lose weight and make some amazing friends all around the world!

2.  I run because I’m totally addicted to race bling and post run brunch. I wear a pair of Adidas Boosts. 

3. The last run I did was a 12mile jaunt along the Thames Embankment on Sunday. It’s only the third time I’ve run that distance (twice before in a half marathon race) and it was bloody fun because I was surrounded by some awesome training buddies to chat away to, and I was using a delicious brunch as motivation.

4.  My current fave bit of kit is my Lululemon running jacket – it’s got mitts that you can pull over your hands when you are super cold, thumb loops, and even a watch hole so you can still see your garmin/HR monitor.

5.  I'm training for the Paris Marathon – my first marathon. The fiancĂ© got sick of me talking about how possibly, maybe, do you think I could do I marathon? and so he entered me in it and said “now you will stop talking about a marathon and just DO one”. Poor chap, I’ve not stopped talking about the marathon since.

6.  Running made me feel completely alive when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon. I never ever thought I could run that far, but I proved to myself that I can do anything when I put my mind to it.

7.  I'm currently listening to tragic Miley/Britney/Christina (insert pop star here) songs when I run.  It makes me sing along, feel happy, and forget about what my feet are doing.

8.  I participate with my team (Team Naturally, Run) which is an awesome group of London ladies who chat about all things running and meet up at races together. These girls have helped me explore new places in London, meet new people, and provided motivation to keep up the running. 

9.  I started drinking Nuun hydration tablets while running and it's meant I’ve kept up the miles through summer (when I normally complain that it’s too hot!) and stay hydrated while running in winter. I’d highly recommend the tablets for keeping you refreshed and hydrated before, during, or after a run.  

10.  I'm currently obsessed with finding more races in new parts of London (to earn new bling) and it's keeping my running addiction fresh and new. I keep finding more, more, more that I want to take part in – my ‘race calendar’ is expanding!

11.  I'm currently trying to stay focused on marathon training and not burn out before the big day comes. I’m nervous yet confident, excited but petrified too!

Read more about Leah's bling over on her website.  You can also find her on twitter and facebook. Thanks Leah!

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