Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ellan Iaquaniello: Runner x 10

This week I have Ellan to introduce to you!  She's mom to a seven year old daughter and wife to a golf-loving husband.  She works at a school in Kent and is, erm, training to run 10 marathons in 10 days. Over to you, wonderwoman!

1.  I started running  5 years ago and it's taken me all over the place including Brighton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Beachy Head, The London Olympic stadium, Paris, Barcelona and even around a cyclopark in Kent 17 laps to make up a marathon. 

2.  I run because I love the runner's high, a bit of an addictive nature and I'm competitive (mostly with myself.)  I wear a pair of Asics.

3.  The last run I did was yesterday and I ran an easy 5 miles, one of my local runs, a little road, a little track, some woods and a few ups and downs. It was really enjoyable and relaxed because it was my last run this week before my Thames Meander Marathon (on Saturday 24th August) 

4.  My current fave bit of kit is my Sweaty Betty purple running vest, a birthday present from my running friends

5.  I'm training for Brathay 10in10 in May 2014. It's 10 marathons in 10 days, well actually the Brathay Windermere Marathon every day for 10 days. It's the biggest endurance challenge I've ever undertaken, I've completed 18 marathons to date (soon to be 19, this weekend hopefully) I'm raising vital money for Brathay Trust to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children. (If everyone reading this blog can donate just £1, I'll reach my target and we'll all help hundreds of children!)

6.  Running made me feel alive when I completed my first marathon at Brighton, I felt it again the week after when I completed my second marathon at London. It was then that I uttered some rather strange words to my husband, "I think I've found my distance!"

7.  I'm currently listening to a combination of Daft Punk, Eddie Izzard on tour and some random 80s tracks when I run.  It makes me smile on the inside, laugh on the outside and think that I'm young again (and not 41!)

8.  I participate in my local running club, Larkfield AC, in Kent. A fun and friendly club, mix of abilities and huge supporters of my Brathay 10in10 challenge. I can't mention Larkfield AC without adding that the Larkfield Ladies are the current Kent Grand Prix Road Race winners of 2012/13! 

9.  I started using gels once I started marathon training and the distances increased, thankfully my stomach is fairly cast iron! I use Clif shots, GU energy or SIS energy gels, depending on how my taste buds feel. Beachy Head marathon is the only exception, where I have enjoyed a range of goodies from hot cross buns, cups of tea with lemon drizzle cake and pieces of Mars bars! I would highly recommend it, but not if you're after a decent time. All the eating slows you down.  

10.  I'm currently obsessed with my Brathay 10in10 challenge, it's all I think about (and talk about my husband says!)

11.  I'm bringing ice baths and foam rollers to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  I discovered both were a huge help when upping my mileage and they both really do work for me. My tip for the ice cold baths is to make a lovely cup of tea, take it with you when you get into the bath, hold it with both hands, it almost confuses your mind, the freezing cold of your legs in the water and the boiling hot cup in your hands!  

12.  I'm currently having difficulty with choosing a European city marathon for next Spring, I've done Paris and Barcelona to date - can anyone offer any tips? 

13.  Finally, here's my inspirational quote.  It gets me going.  Now go, run!

(Apparently the race director held a competition during the marathon to perform on the X on each of the 17 laps around the course. Ellan won a prize for the most awesomest star jump.)

Follow Ellan on twitter to stay up to date with her mad 2014 challenge! 

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