Thursday, September 5, 2013

Angel Dee: Runner, PT and seeker of happiness

Today's post is from someone who struck a chord with me.  A Trainee Personal Trainer from London, Angel.  There's guts and vulnerability and something about running that keeps us burning with fire in our bellies. Because running doesn't always make it better because some things are tougher to crack.  Depression is a nasty little gremlin with no rhyme or reason or heart or soul.  But running is a constant that's always there, always and always. It keeps us strong and doesn't give up on us.  Thanks for your words, Angel.

1.  I run because I like to stay sane (I suffer with depression) and I wear a pair of Nike Lunarglides.  Trained myself up from Asics, boom.

2.  The last run I did was Sunday and I ran a circuit of Crystal Palace Park, up Anerley Hill and down to Brockwell Park – a hot and hilly five miles.  It was bloody hot but fun, because I ran with my home boy who I haven’t run with for a long time, time flew by.

3.  My current fave bit of kit is any pair of shorts I own as it’s hot out there, yo.

4.  I'm training for Nike Women’s marathon in San Francisco, third time lucky!

5.  Running made me feel alive when I came back from major surgery, illness and overall depression of not being able to run due to the above. Ran with Run Dem Crew to Greenwich Observatory and as I looked down across London I remembered why I was there.

6.  I'm currently listening to my friends talking when I run.  It makes me happy. When I run solo, as long as it has a dirty bassline I can take on the world in my running kicks.

7.  I run with Run Dem Crew and it has helped me stay running when I only signed up to run one full and half marathon. Two years later I’m still doing the ting.  You can find more information on the RDC website if you want to get involved.

8.  I started drinking vitamin and mineral smoothies every morning and drinking coconut water after running and its reduced fatigue no end for me and boosted my overall energy levels, I definitely recommend it!

9.  I'm currently obsessed with training for San Francisco and it's keeping my running focused as I want to do the best I can.

10.  I'm bringing yoga and a support network to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  It kept me going through a very dark period of not being able to do any exercise, suffering with depression means even when I feel low, staying active reduces the low points dramatically.

11.  I'm currently having issues with nothing at all, I am in a very good place at the moment and  am optimistic that this will continue now I’m venturing off into the world to finish my Personal Training qualification, my dream job!

12.  Finally, here's my inspirational quote.  It gets me going.  Now go, run!

You can find Angel over on her blog, facebook, twitter or... down at the track.

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