Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Louise Poole: Runner and HR manager

I'm excited to introduce you to Louise, she's a lovely HR manager and she sent me so many pretty photos of where she runs I think I actually breathed fresh air through my computer screen.  Look at her beautiful running route... how can you not want to get your trainers on and go running?  

1. I started running about 7 years ago after I met my husband (then boyfriend) and discovered he ran.  My first run was 11 minutes long and I nearly died I was so unfit.

2. I run because it makes me feel happy and good about myself and I get to feed my massive appetite without feeling too guilty.  I have always ran in Asics but have just bought a pair of New Balance trainers – still not sure I like them as much but I’m persevering with them!

3. The last run I did was yesterday morning before work and I ran 6k.  It was great because it was such a beautiful morning & I was just pleased to be running, but hard because I’ve not been able to run properly over the last couple of months due to an injury and I felt tired and unfit.

4. My current fave bit of kit is my new running tights.  It was my reward for being able to run again so I bought 3 new pairs.  I even purchased my first pair of patterned leggings and I love them!  

5. I'm training for the Great North Run in September and the Glasgow Half Marathon in October.  I’m praying that I actually make it to the start line with these two! 

6. Running makes me feel alive whenever I’m out, and especially when I return to it after being injured.  I just feel lucky that I’m able to run and that it’s so simple to stick on your trainers and end up somewhere you wouldn’t have done if you hadn’t been running.  

7. I never run to music, I just get carried away with my own thoughts and surroundings.  It’s funny as I’m someone who can get bored easily but I never ever get bored when out running – even on longer runs.

8. I participate in Penicuik Harriers and it has helped me improve my 5k & 10k times.  It will hopefully help me get a pb in my half marathon time this year as well!

9. I started eating porridge this year after spending years moaning about not liking the texture.  I’m not sure that it helps me with my running but I’ve become addicted.  Porridge with banana and cinnamon is the best.  

10. I'm currently obsessed with reading running blogs online!  It makes me excited about running and I really enjoy reading about people’s running achievements/goals etc.

11. I'm bringing trail running to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  I've just discovered it and it's brought a new found passion for running.  I just need to find some more trails close to where I live so I can make use of my new trail trainers!

12. I'm currently having issues with lots of things!  My calves are much tighter since I’ve been back out running and I’m a bit worried it’s the new trainers not agreeing with me.  I’m also working on my nerve pain.  

13. Finally, here's my inspirational quote:

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