Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clare Dooley: Runner, Dancer and Hunter.

I’m Clare.  A dancer, runner and (sensible day time job) trainer.  I live in Northwich, England. I run a dance school,  a fitness company, and a production company.  I am currently house hunting and boyfriend hunting. It seems I am hopeless at both, so will be adopting a cat soon. You can find me on Twitter at @claredooley

  1. I started running 22 years ago to make my bum smaller so I could go to dance college. I have now run a marathon and am training for Hell Runner (google it, its messy!)
  2. I run because I like weather, talking to random animals I meet and generally getting away from the 101 gadgets we now need to survive (apart from my ipod) and I wear a pair of Sketchers Go Run, in Coral. The colour is important.
  3. The last run I did was this morning and I ran 10k around the paths of the river Weaver.  It was cold, invigorating and emotional as it was my first run in 3 months due to injury.
  4. My current fave bit of kit is my Physio, currently the only ‘kit’ of any use to me!
  5. I'm training for Hell Runner in 4 weeks time.  Lots of mud, running through rivers, it will be grim but I’m fundraising. 
  6. Running made me feel like I have achieved something every day.  It also makes me feel amazing when I slip into something size 0!!
  7. I'm currently listening to my favourite playlist which consists of Madonna, Coldplay and Michael Jackson. I have excellent taste! I smile when I run, and if its dark, occasionally I do a little dance step.
  8. I participate in my local Tri Club.  They are great.  You can find more information here if you want to get involved.
  9. I started eating Vegan the last few months which makes me feel superior to most humans but not superior to animals. It has also given me shiny bright skin, which is a bonus.
  10. I'm currently obsessed with finding a running lip gloss that moisturises but has a tint…
  11. I'm bringing Ballet to the table.  Most runners need a bit of ballet in their lives...
  12. I'm currently having issues with my hips, hamstrings, everything…speak to my Physio!  (The Friday 5pm appointments are mine, so don’t even ask.)
  13. Finally, here's my inspirational quote from my Grandma Lilly, who managed to survive 94 years, so I guess it works. 

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