Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Melissa Webb: Runner and tube enthusiast

To get you inspired for your week of running I've got lovely Melissa from lissyruns.  When she's not running or apparently over-using brackets on her blog, she works as a food buyer (and gets paid to try food!) 

Melissa is a self-confessed Tube geek ("give me old maps and photos of disused stations and I'll be happy for hours!") and it was great to hear what she has to say in brackets and out.  Over to you Melissa! 

1.  I started running just over three years ago and it surprises me every day that I'm still doing it. I know a lot of people say this, but if my PE teacher at school was to guess who would become obsessed with running in their mid-twenties, I would be pretty near the last of their guesses.

2.     I run because I love it. I honestly can’t thing of a single thing that has enriched my life in so many ways as much as running has. I wear a pair of adidas Supernova Glide 6 boosts – snappy! They are the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned, I was previously quite a slave to the swoosh.

3.     The last run I did was a brand new route to me this weekend. I moved to East London fairly recently and I ran the canal and Victoria Park. I’m in love with where I live already.

4.     My current fave bit of kit is my new bright orange Sweaty Betty running jacket. I never would usually spend so much on one item of clothing, but I used money I got as birthday presents on it. It’s a great fit and it’s seen me through a fair few rain showers recently.

5.     I'm training for the Paris marathon in less than two weeks. OH MY GOD IT IS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY.

6.  The last time running made me feel alive was a while ago now actually. It was in the summer before it got really hot and it was an evening run along the canal to Victoria Park in East London. I was running faster than I ever had and felt like I was flying. 

7.     I'm currently listening to the sound of myself panting when I run. I stopped running with music when I moved to a not-so-great area last winter and wanted to be alert whilst running on dark evenings. Now I don’t often run with music, but I am trying out podcasts on very long marathon training runs

8.  I run with Run Dem Crew and RDC West and it has helped me fall deeper in love with running.

9.  I started drinking chocolate milkshake after running and it stops the feeling of sickness (surprisingly!) that I sometimes get after a long run. I would recommend it.  

10.  I'm currently obsessed with the fact that I haven’t got any faster in three years (due to inconsistent training) and it's keeping my running addiction fresh because I've decided I'm finally going to do something about it. Watch out, track! 

11.  I'm bringing yoga to this blog, and throwing it down on the table.  I've discovered it earlier this year and it's awesome. I really want to become really good at it – I'm seeing quick progression when I manage to practice a few times a week.   

12.  I'm currently having issues with my lower back, as I have lazy glutes so my back and hamstrings are overcompensating and becoming tight – can anyone offer any tips? 

13.  Finally, here's my inspirational quote. I saw it on the Lululemon website and I love it as it completely sums up me as a runner. It gets me going. Now go, run!

You can follow Melissa on twitter, instagram and in Paris on April 6th! Good luck Melissa! You can do it. 

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