Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cathy Drew: Runner. Florence: Her bike.

This week I have Cathy for you.  She's nice.  I met her at Write this run and I liked her a lot. Cathy works in undergraduate recruitment for the University of Sussex.  She lives in Brighton, comes from the wilds of Shropshire and has a bike called Florence.  
And a Garmin called Gavin.  
Over to you, you weirdo:

1. I started running 3 years ago and it’s introduced me to some of the best people in the world.

2. I run because it’s fun and free, and I wear a pair of Mizunos. My favourite pair are pink and black check.

3. The last run I did was tonight and I ran with the boy to have a coffee with running friends. It was cold.

4. My current fave bit of kit is, and forever will be, my Garmin, Gavin.

5. I'm not training for anything specific at the moment, but am running the London Marathon in April…

6. Running made me feel when I woke up again after passing out at 21 miles in my first marathon! (Which I did finish, just FYI.)

7. I don’t listen to music anymore when I run. I used to, but now I like to concentrate on my breathing and whether or not I am being chased by bears.

8. I participate in
parkrun most weekends, you can find more information on their website if you want to get involved: and I suggest you do as it is ACE!

9. I started using
High 5 gels when running marathons, and they’re brilliant. I was convinced I couldn’t handle eating/gelling on the run, but these are light enough even for me.

10. I'm currently obsessed with running as fast as I can, it's keeping my running addiction fresh. That, and triathlons.

11. I'm bringing lifting heavy to this blog, as well as my first loves of running, swimming and cycling. My other half is a Strength and Conditioning coach, and is convinced that lifting things heavier than me will fix all my injuries and make me faster. Both of which I want, so have been faffing around in the gym for about a year now. It’s really ace. 

12. I'm have an ongoing issue with my hip: if anyone has any idea how to make it go away once and for all, please let me know.

13. Finally, here's my inspirational quote: 

Thanks, Ben Howard, for getting me through 3 marathons. 
Now go, run!

You can find Cathy and the rest of her kit over on her
blog, twitter and instagram. Bye Cathy! (and Gavin, and Florence)

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  1. Great photo :)

    PS. Your other half is right about the weights thing!