Friday, April 12, 2013

Runner and cured widow

Cat's my go-to twitter-er whenever I want to chat about brightly coloured jazzy running gear.  She's fast, ladies and gents, and I know for a fact does not ever, ever eat layered rainbow cake for breakfast. Meet wonderwoman Cat!

Hi, I’m Cat, and I write a blog, Diaries of a Marathon Widow. For anyone that follows me on Twitter, this might seem like a bit of a lie, but a couple of years ago I stopped just watching my husband run marathons and started doing them myself. I still love travelling to European cities to support him on races, but since catching the running bug I’ve run twelve half marathons, am currently training for my fifth marathon and have just signed up for my first ultra race (50 miles!!).

By day, I work in a Whitehall healthcare policy role, but when I’m not bullying the nation into changing their habits and lead a healthier lifestyle, I love cycling in London, eating out and going to gigs.

1. I started running two/three years ago and it's taken me around the world – to Marrakech, Istanbul, even Margate – I’m not fussy.

2. I run because I love it and am totally addicted to the endorphins. Plus, while I don’t run to lose weight, if it means I can eat and drink until my heart’s content, that can only be a good thing.

3. The last run I did was last night. I ran around my local running track (4 mile interval session). It was hard because intervals always are, but also because I’m training to run a super-fast marathon time and qualify automatically for New York.

4. My current fave bit of kit are my new patterned Adidas ¾ leggings. I also love bright, lightweight trainers and currently race in a pair of neon Adidas Adios trainers (I’m convinced bright colours make me run faster).

5. I'm currently training for the London Marathon and eyeing up ultra races for Autumn. I’ve just entered the Round Rotherham 50 mile race, which I’m hoping to do with running legend Simon Wheatcroft – what a privilege that will be!

6. Running made me feel alive when I recently ran along the Thames path at dawn and watched mist rolling over Richmond Lock. It made me feel truly at one with the world.

7. I'm currently listening to an indie/dance playlist with some drum ‘n’ bass thrown in for when I want to run faster. Music is my second love and nothing beats running to amazing tunes.

8. I’m a member of my local running club, Sheen Shufflers, although I’m very bad at finding time to go at the moment. But since joining Twitter last year, I’ve found such a lovely community of likeminded running bloggers and tweeps that offer oodles of motivation, encouragement and support.

9. I recently started drinking smoothies after runs in a recent attempt be more healthy, but nothing beats a glass of chocolate nesquik after a long run. I would definitely recommend both though!

10. I'm currently obsessed with running to work and it's keeping my running addiction fresh and new and making me want to tell others about it. It’s also a great way of fitting running around a busy lifestyle while avoiding London’s crowded public transport system.

11. I'm bringing avocados to this blog, and throwing them down on the table. They’re the tastiest and most versatile fruit ever and are great in everything from bacon sandwiches to smoothies.

12. Finally, here's a quote that motivates me on long runs. It really gets me going and helps block out feelings of physical and mental fatigue.  Now go, run!


  1. Hey, why isn't there more comments on this blog? I love it. It's so inspiring to read about different runners and their quotes on the drawings are super cute. I have found many new favorite blogs through this series. Thank you!